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Main ingredients:

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miesna szpadka  


- 100g turkey fillet
- 100g pork tenderloin
- 100g pork loin, boneless
- 2 tbsp. oil
- Tarsmak sarepta mustard

Ingredients - spices:

- for the turkey: salt, curcuma, honey, mustard, ginger
- for the tenderloin: salt, black pepper, herbal pepper, garlic, marjoram
- for the loin: salt, sweet paprika, chilli flakes, Herbes de Provence

Remove membranes from the meat, slightly pound with a meat tenderizer and season with dedicated spices. Grease with oil and leave in the fridge for minimum one hour. Thread each piece of meat onto two skewers and grill on a barbecue over medium heat on both sides. Serve with the Tarsmak sarepta mustard.

Enjoy your meal!